The Inventor

Nossi Taheri, company founder

Nossi Taheri, company founder

Necessity isn’t the only mother of invention.
You also need a genuine desire to help.

For years, moms stored their breastmilk in simple plastic bags, which were prone to leak and spill. In the late 1990’s, inventor Nossi Taheri created a reclosable breastmilk bag for Lansinoh® that would be strong, yet affordable and easy to use.

Nossi was the obvious choice for the project. He had built an impressive reputation designing and patenting manufacturing processes for reclosable plastic bags able to protect material in environments as extreme as outer space.

The bag Nossi designed and patented proved beneficial to an entire generation of new mothers, and was hailed as the best milk storage bag in the industry. Best, that is, until recently.

After some in-depth research, Nossi realized that he could improve the bag.

His new design is 100% tamper evident, oxo-biodegradable and recyclable. Since the first generation bag leaked more than the normal acceptable rate, he added wider side seals and redesigned the bottom so that it stands on the counter more securely. New moms have overwhelmingly applauded the enhancements.

In 2012, Nossi founded Honeysuckle® Products Company and introduced his new and improved Honeysuckle® Breastmilk Storage Bag. Soon, other products followed, such as the first Breast Pump Bag, which eliminates a step, allowing mom to express milk directly into a storage bag instead of into a bottle first. Then came the creation of the Breast Pump d’Adaptor™ to fit most major brands of pumps; the Baby Food Bag which also doubles as a smaller 4-oz. milk bag; the Honeysuckle® d’Warmer™ (patent applied), an eco-friendly frozen bag warmer; d’3Pak™ and d’2Pak™ (patent pending) freezer containers for storing breastmilk bags and the d’Topper™ (patent pending), a hygienic table-top cover, which provides kids with a germ free surface when dining out.

But this is only the start. Nossi listens to moms and takes the time to learn what they need. Then he designs products that improve their entire nursing and storage experience.

Like all of our current products, each new addition that Nossi designs will have a single overarching purpose: to make mom’s life a little easier.