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There are a lot of breast milk warmers out there. All of the breastmilk warmers I have seen use heated water to warm the breastmilk. This is the best way to warm breastmilk, with warm water. NEVER put breastmilk in the microwave. The problem with all of the breastmilk warmers I have seen is, the water directly touches the bottle or bag of breastmilk. (read more…)


I heard about your bags from a breast feeding website( that I can’t remember) and she gave your bags a rave review, talking about the thickness of the bag, the good seams and the value. I received mine and I see exactly what she was talking about. I’m hooked and will be ordering some soon. I also appreciate the fact that your company recognizes the fact that due to expansion during freezing some bags fail and you offer a solution to that problem as well. You now have another loyal customer! Thank you for the samples.

J. Bligh

Perfect! Better than Medela and Lansinoh bags

This review is from: Honeysuckle Breast Pump Bag 50ct. (Baby Product)

These bags made all of my wildest breastmilk pumping and storing dreams come true! I would give them 6 or 7 stars.

They combine all of the good features of the other brands into one product, with none of the flaws that the other products have.

I love these bags!

Okay, so here’s the low down on these:

– This is the new version of Honeysuckle’s breastmilk bags, which are designed to be used with a pump–you just pump right into them.

The bags have little holes on the top part, so that you can attach them to a pump adapter. SO, for the full experience, you need a pump adapter or two, which you can get by purchasing a pack of bags made by your pump’s manufacturer. I bought these Medela bags: Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags with Easy-Connect Adapter – 50 ct because I have a Medela pump. I don’t know if adapters are interchangeable between brands. Then, use the Medela bags if you want, so that you’re not wasting, and so that you know how wonderful these Honeysuckle bags are when you start using them. Whether or not you use the bags, keep the little plastic adapters.

Then get some of these Honeysuckle breast pump bags, and you’ll see how perfect they are.
All right, so here are the reasons that I like this bag better than the Medela bags:
1. The plastic is not as rigid as the Medela bags, yet it is still thick enough that you don’t have to worry about it.
2. Get this: the Honeysuckle bags fit the Medela easy adapter better than the Medela bags do! With the Medela bags, you have to put them on at just the right angle, and it’s kind of a tight fit. Then removing the bags after you’ve pumped is…well, interesting. The Honeysuckle bags are easy to put on, and they still stay put while you’re pumping, but then they are easy to remove when you’re done.
3. The Honeysuckle bags can be stored flat in the freezer so that it is easier to store more, instead of having a bunch of squatty bags like the Medela ones. Or, you can store them upright if you prefer. Another nice thing about storing them flat is that they defrost more quickly when you’re ready to use them.
4. The Honeysuckle bags can fit more milk. They are marked to 6 oz (Medela is marked to 5 oz), but since they can be stored flat, there is also just a bunch of extra space. So, if you fill a little more it doesn’t create any problem. The Medela bags get kind of messy if you put any more than 5 oz.
5. The Honeysuckle bags have two seals. Medela only has one, and it doesn’t always seal perfectly.
6. The Honeysuckle bags are much, much less expensive than Medela bags: right now (based on the cost of packs of 50 bags on Amazon) Honeysuckle bags are about 23 cents each and Medela bags are 40 cents each. So, Medela bags are almost double the cost of Honeysuckle bags.

Those are the things that come to mind.

1. The Lansinoh bags cannot attach to a pump directly. So, you either have to pump into something else first or hold the bag the whole time you pump.
2. The seams on the Lansinoh bags are thin–Honeysuckle’s seams are very thick, so you really don’t have to worry about them splitting at all.
3. Lansinoh bags are meant to be stored flat, which is great, but they are awkward to try to stand up (when you’re filling them or actually using them). Honeysuckle bags can also be stored flat, but they have a special bottom of the bag that makes it so that it can stand up well too.
4. Lansinoh bags are partially sealed at the top, which is supposed to reassure us that the bags are sterile. Honeysuckle bags are completely sealed at the top, which is much more reassuring.
5. The label area on Lansinoh bags is upside down (so that they are right-side up while in the freezer, maybe?). Regular Honeysuckle bags have the writing right-side up, which I think is nice—BUT! These pump bags have no writing, so you can do your own thing, and if you want to put it right-side up or upside down, either will work.
6. Lansinoh bags are considered the cheap brand; right now on Amazon each bag works out to about 21 cents. At only 23 cents each right now, Honeysuckle bags are very comparable in price, while the quality is far superior.

I am aware that there are a few other brands of bags out there, but I haven’t tried them. I started with Medela bags, switched to Lansinoh but didn’t even finish the package of those, switched back to Medela, started buying non-pump Honeysuckle bags–which are also very good, and just heard about these. I won’t be switching brands again, because I can’t think of anything I would want to be different.

If you’re considering these bags, I definitely recommend that you buy them. You won’t regret it. The only thing that is kind of a pain about them is that they are not available in any stores near me, so I have to get them online. That just means I have to plan ahead a little, but I can handle that. Every time I order bags from Honeysuckle (this was my third order), I have received them within a few days, so shipping time is also minimal.

By E. Kerby

I read all the reviews of breastmilk bags and picked these because others said Lansinoh and Medela bags leaked a lot and Medela bags were too small and sometimes added a funky taste to the milk. These bags are indeed thicker than Medela brand and they have a double seal whereas Medela does not. Further the bottom is reinforced so it won’t have the same leaks that those using Lansinoh report. Also I like the way that where you write on the bag is not over the part with milk so you don’t risk puncturing the bag. I haven’t defrosted tons of milk yet but so far filling, storing, and defrosting milk in these bags is very easy. **UPDATE** I’m almost done filling/defrosting the first batch of 75 bags I ordered and have had no problems with leaks. Just purchased more. **UPDATE** Just finished a year of breastfeeding, with the last 7.5 months including periodic overnight trips for work which relied upon the easy use of milk frozen in these bags while I was gone. I have NEVER had an issue with leaks, tears, souring etc. using these bags. Love them and highly recommend them. They are truly one less thing to worry about in the hectic life of a working, nursing mama. If I could give more stars I would.

By Erika A. – Best No Hassle Bags Out There

Excellent bags! Only brand I have tried and have had no issues with them. So great, I do not want to even try another brand since I have had a 98% success rate out of 100 bags 🙂 The two times I had a “leak” was my own fault and I noticed it fast enough to save my precious breast milk. Be gentle when “opening” the bag to pour the milk in. If the bag rips past the zipper, it will leak! (Only did this once). The other time I had the bags in my yoga bag and it rubbed against something. Saw milk sweating out so I put it into a new bag. Also- my husband and sister love to reheat the breast milk in these bags vs the Medela or doc brown bottles. It heats so much faster when you place it in a warm water bath since the bag is thin. Would highly recommend!!

By Maldives – Love these storage bags!!

I bought these bags after using the Medela bags for about a month. I read many reviews for these bags as well as other brands, and I decided to give these a try. Simply put, I love them! Comparison to Medela bags:

1. They are significantly larger. I don’t feel like I can put more than 3-4 ounces in the Medela bag without it spilling out the top when I’m trying to close them. With the Honeysuckle® bags, I can easily put 6 ounces and not spill any when closing them.

2. The zip-top has a double zip and is super easy to close. The Medela bag has a single zip and is very difficult to close all the way.

3. Honeysuckle® bags do not leak.

4. They freeze flat great! I use the First Years Breast flow Milk Storage Organizer to store the bags, which helps to flatten the bags saving space in your freezer and keeping the milk organized and in date order.

5. There is more space at the top to write essential information.

6. Most importantly, they are biodegradable! I already feel bad about throwing away tons of diapers and other disposable items. It makes me feel so much better to know that I’m helping the environment even just a little bit by not adding even more plastic to my trash.

By DancerUMD – So much better than Medela bags!

I absolutely love these bags. I love how they are completely sealed. They are easy to pour into and out of. I just love these bags and have recommended them to my breastfeeding friends.

By Lucy Eisenhauer – I absolutely love these bags

As a breast pumping mom, I know how precious time is. I also know how boring it is to sit there pumping for 15-20 minutes not doing anything. Being able to use my hands while pumping is essential! It is not a want, it is a necessity! (read more…)


I ordered a bulk purchase of 300 before the baby arrived! I have been pumping and breast feeding religiously. Luckily for me I am blessed with an ample milk supply. I pumped while I was on maternity leave after every feeding and put the milk bags in the deep freezer. Now that I have been back to work for 5 months I have been pumping at work, freezing and then pulling the oldest milk out of the freezer for use. I was storing in 4-6oz increments but now I find myself storing at 7-8oz increments so I can have a bottle’s full when it thaws. Now that I am on my last few bags I can easily say that these bags are GREAT. I fill them full, freeze them flat and stack them in the deep freezer. The tab for labeling name/date/amount is fabulous. I have only had 3 bags leak on me and ALL three bags that leaked had fallen on the floor. Obviously if you drop a full bag of milk on the floor it will test the limits of the seams. No other bags have leaked as long as I have handled them carefully. I am now ready to place a second order and I believe these bags are well worth the money.

By Deanna – Captures MY Liquid Gold

If you could be in love with any part of your pumping experience, these bags are IT! I am not using the attachment to pump directly into the bags because I do not make that much milk so I am only using them for freezing storage. Their sturdy and double protection design just GIVES you the comfort of knowing each golden drop is safe and cozy and secure for when you need it. It’s like they’re giving you a hug and a high five for your lactating efforts. Have you done the math?? It’s worth it! And if you don’t pump more than 5 oz at a time ever you can use the smaller bags! (oh yeah, I know it’s not recommended but I can totally over fill these bags without an issue and the ladies I donate to haven’t had an issue in handling over-filled bags, either!)

By Nov.Ember – Sturdy and reliable!

I love, love, love these bags. I’m confident they are sterile with the rip-off top being all the way across the tab, and the writing surface is nice and big and works with a ball-point pen. I also really like that the writing surface is above the zipper rather than the main part of the bag because I don’t have to worry about accidentally puncturing the bag when writing on it or the ink leaching through to the milk (which is just my paranoid self probably!). I love that the package has a zipper so that my bags stay clean until I use them, or you can use the slit if you keep them on your desk or countertop and want to have easy access like a baby wipes package. I think they feel a little bit thicker/sturdier than some other bags I’ve tried but are still flexible & don’t feel brittle at all. Like most other bags, it’s hard to get it to show the right measurement because you have to get the bottom unfolded & sitting just right, but I use the measurements on my pumping bottles anyway–not a problem for me. The price is right, too! I wish I could buy these in stores around me because I have to notice how many bags I have left and reorder while I still have at least 20 left because I store smaller amounts and go through a lot of them (I try to do 2 ounce bags but get a lot of 1-1.75 oz bags). I’m really excited about the new Baby Food Bags this company is making that come in 4 oz because I won’t feel quite so bad about using so much plastic and I think those are biodegradable as well. I’m curious about the adapter that allows you to pump directly into the bag, but like I said about the measurement quirks, I am hesitant to try it because I like to know how much is really in the bag. These fit fine in my The First Years Breast milk Storage tray–the one where it has a slider & plate so you can freeze bags upright. My milk is no longer sliding all over the place in the freezer, is nicely organized with the oldest milk in front, and takes up less space than a shoebox. I actually think the Honeysuckle® bags fit better in this than the First Years bags that came with the tray!

By bazil323 – So happy with these bags!

These are the best breast milk storage bags I’ve ever used. Other bags on the market (Lansinoh, First Years, etc) are made of thinner plastic and tend to leak. The honeysuckle bags have only leaked a couple of times in the past 14 months and it was my own fault (pinched the side of the bag when storing). Pros: – The bags are biodegradable. – The ounces, name, and date fields are right side up making it easy to read & organize the bags. Other bags have those fields upside down…which makes no sense to me. Doesn’t seem like a big deal until you’re sorting months of frozen milk. – Fast shipping and excellent customer service. They included extras or new products with almost all of my orders.

By N.W. – the best breast milk storage bags

I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous product. My milk days have recently left, but when I was a milk donor and returning to work, your bags were my favorites because I knew I never had to worry about leaks for all involved and because they are biodegradable. Thank you for giving me that piece of mind that my milk was safely stored AND I wasn’t littering the environment as much with bags that would be around forever

By Kendra Bentz Henry‎ – Honeysuckle Breast Milk Storage Bags

5 Best breast milk storage solution:

It took me a while to find a milk storage process that I was comfortable with. I am a breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama, whom makes her own puree’s. I dislike the idea of one time use items. I tried storing milk in mason jars, but it took forever to thaw and I had to worry about breaking them. I tried the medela pump bags; they are expensive and non recyclable. I finally found the HoneySuckle pump direct bags! These are amazing. You can pump directly into the bag, saving having to wash more pump parts, and lose those bottle drops of milk. They freeze flat, so you can easily store them. They have a label section to date the milk, which does not touch the milk. Plus; they are recyclable and oxibiodegradable! Which makes me feel better about using them. They are also one of the least expensive pump bags you can find! Overall, I love them!!

By Amanda Fernandes on March 30, 2013

5Great bags

Verified Purchase

The bags hold the breastmilk well and they are biodegradable. What else could you ask for? I will order again.

By Mommymomo on March 6, 2014

Love these

Verified Purchase

These bags are super thick and the zippers are high quality! I much prefer them to any other brand. Fabulous.

By Holly R. Borso on January 7, 2014

Great storage bags!

Honeysuckle makes a great storage bag. I’ve never had an issue with leakage or the bag breaking. I cannot, however, attest to how well this particular bag is when pumping directly into it. My pump doesn’t have an ‘arm’ attachment. I imagine it would work pretty fabulously though.

By Jennifer Collins on November 15, 2012

5Love them!

I previously tried the medela brand pump bags and loved being able to pump directly into them. Didn’t love the zipper though, they were harder to zip and consequently didn’t always completely seal.
I love the honeysuckle bags! You can pump directly into them, the zippers are easy to zip and they work with the adapters from the medela bags. They are also biodegradable so I don’t feel as bad using 6-8 a day when I’m at work. They are also cheaper than most other brands which is always good!

By 721VLJ on October 31, 2014

Although my days of breastfeeding and pumping are behind me (we stopped right after Anissa Marie’s 1st birthday), I am still a huge advocate for breastfeeding, and for making that journey easier for Mom and Baby. I still plan to write a whole post about our breastfeeding journey, once I can wrap my head around the fact that we made it work for a YEAR after a rough start and lots of obstacles!

(read more)

Accidental Mrs.

Anyone who deals with breast milk (pumping it, storing it or preparing it) knows that the container breast milk is stored in is important. Bottles take up A LOT of space in the freezer. Breast milk storage bags are an easy way to store a lot of breast milk in the freezer. (read more…)


I bought these bags over a year ago but only now am writing because, well, I had to see if they would hold up through filling, freezing, thawing, and emptying. And wow, did them. I think in the 400 that I purchased (first 100 and then another 300) I have had 6 bags fail, all after freezing. That’s a 1.5% fail rate which is pretty good in my book. In comparison, I used 20 Medela pump and fill–ones where you can fill directly from your pump– and had 2 fail, 1 of which was prior to freezing (10% fail rate in that case… for those who are crunching the numbers)–plus with their design, the Medela’s were more prone to spilling but for a trip where I didn’t want to have to carry a bunch of bottles, they did their job fine enough for my purposes. In comparison, the Honeysuckle® seemed to be much higher quality as the bag was thick and the Ziploc seemed sturdier. They stood on their own on the counter because their base is broader and rarely did I have an issue with spillage (as the Honeysuckle’s needed to be filled from the bottle rather than directly from the pump) even with my clumsy hands. The bags even held up well when toted around in my pump bag for days before being used as back-ups when I filled up too much of my bottles. I stuck them in both the deep freezer and the regular one and held up very well; the milk was well preserved even when I went a bit past the recommended time frame of freezing. I froze everything on cookie sheets so that they were essentially shingles of milk and they stacked well, didn’t get nicks or breaks and you could see the milk clearly. They were well sealed both when I first opened them for filling and when I reopened them when removing from the freezer. Thawing was a breeze (under cool water or just sitting in the fridge) and pouring the milk back into bottles was easy as well; I was even able to stand them on their own again with no problem. If I was still pumping, I’d purchase this brand over and over again and plan to use them for any future kids/pumping. Recommended to all my friends. On top of it, they are biodegradable so that makes me feel a little bit better about tossing all these bags. I did wish they would make a version that you could pump directly (like the aforementioned medela’s) into as that is a time saver (and a space saver) but frankly I don’t want them to mess with the perfection they already have.

By Leslie Loving – Wonderful bags!

These bags are my go-to breast milk bags. They have double seals and feel thicker than other (such as the Nuk). I have dropped a couple filled bags on the floor and they do (understandably) get leaks from that, but otherwise I have not had any problems with leaking or breaking. I took these on a three night business trip and brought back about 20 bags of milk via plane and they all made it without any leaks or breaks. And they are recyclable!

By Micah Hart – Best bags!

  1. This bag is actually tamper resistant, while the Lansinoh bag is not. The HoneySuckle® bags have the entire top sealed to prevent tampering. You cannot tamper with the bag without opening one of the three sides of the perforated top. You remove the perforated portion to open the bag. The Lansinoh bags have a perforated top, but not the sides of that upper area, so you could actually still open the bag without undoing the perforations. Poor design IMO.
  2. The sides and bottom of the HoneySuckle® bags are reinforced, the Lansinoh bags are not. I pump exclusively, and even at 6 months, my son is not eating all the milk I produce, so I freeze easily 2-4 bags of milk a day. I can produce between 8 to as much as 14oz during a pumping session, and have been able to overfill these bags without them bursting open when they are frozen. The reinforced sides and bottom have alot to do with that.
  3. The information to write at the top is much more useful, and is right-side up. The Lansinoh bags have the info upside down. That has always bothered me. Even when you stand the bags up in the freezer, they are upside down. It’s stupid. HoneySuckle® bags have the labeling right-side up. Plus it asks for baby’s name and the date, not the volume. I don’t find the volume info helpful at all, and when my baby was in the NICU, or when donating breast milk, the name is much more useful information.
  4. Best quality – THEY ARE BIODEGRADABLE!! They will dissolve when they are in the landfill. If you care about the environment at all, these are the bags for you. The Lansinoh bags aren’t biodegradable, at least from what I can tell from their packaging. As if dirty diapers aren’t a big enough contribution to the tremendous amount of trash people generates these days, breast milk storage bags don’t need to add to that. Price wise, these are comparable to the Lansinoh bags, except that with shipping they are a few dollars more. But I think they are worth it from a quality and environmental standpoint. You can also go to the New Bag Co. website and order a free sample if you aren’t convinced. IMO, these bags are superior to the Lansinoh bags and I will definitely be using them exclusively.

By Sabine Jensen – Love the bags

After having a few Lansinoh breast milk bags leak on me, I decided to look for something better and found Honeysuckle bags! Between two children, I have now used Honeysuckle breast milk storage bags for a total of 14 months, using an average of 3 bags a day, with NO LEAKS. NOT ONE. I work full time and have to pump a lot. I used to cry when I would lose a whole bottle worth of milk because of a leak in the bag. No mommy tears with Honeysuckle! I would recommend these bags to anyone who values their liquid gold.

By Kimberly Stevens (WESTPORT, CT, US) – I would recommend these bags to anyone

These bags are great! How exciting to be able to have a biodegradable product like this!! So far I’ve used 100 and I’m so happy not to have to throw away bags that will never break down. I have not had any issues with leaking which I see many complain about on reviews. Love these bags

By Jaclyn.Ramsey on October 18, 2014

Love these bags!

I am a stay at home mom who EBF. I wanted to build up a small stash of milk to keep in our freezer for emergencies or if I wanted to run errands without my son and my husband could feed him. I had some Lanisol sample bags and one other brand and I didn’t care for either one. I read the reviews for Honeysuckle and gave them a shot, especially since they are bio-degradable! I love their durability and the locking sound of the double seal. I lay them flat in the freezer and it takes but a minute or so to defrost them in running water, depending on how much milk I put in the bags.

By jabal16 on January 19, 2013

5Love them!

I previously tried the medela brand pump bags and loved being able to pump directly into them. Didn’t love the zipper though, they were harder to zip and consequently didn’t always completely seal.
I love the honeysuckle bags! You can pump directly into them, the zippers are easy to zip and they work with the adapters from the medela bags. They are also biodegradable so I don’t feel as bad using 6-8 a day when I’m at work. They are also cheaper than most other brands which is always good!

By Bremk13 on April 14, 2014

I’m a WIC Peer Counselor from New Albany, IN and I love your products! My WIC clinic is working on a big World Breastfeeding Week Celebration event and we would love to include your company. When I was a milk donor, your bags were my favorites because I knew I never had to worry about leaks for all involved and because they are biodegradable. Fabulous product!
I’m a WIC Peer Counselor from New Albany, IN and I love your products! My WIC clinic is working on a big World Breastfeeding Week Celebration event and we would love to include your company. When I was a milk donor, your bags were my favorites because I knew I never had to worry about leaks for all involved and because they are biodegradable. Fabulous product!

By Kendra Henry, a Floyd Co. WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor – Fabulous product!