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Honeysuckle® Mommy Bundle

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The Honeysuckle® Mommy Bundle is the affordable tool-kit that every pumping mom deserves!



You and your baby deserve the best quality products for the best price. The Honeysuckle® Mommy Bundle is just that; a collection of the highest-quality products at an affordable price.


The Honeysuckle® Mommy Bundle provides you with the tools to not only provide for your baby, but protect your liquid gold! The Mommy Bundle comes with:


  • 100-count of storage bags (Milk Storage bag or Breast Pump bag or Baby Food bag)
  • Honeysuckle® d’Warmer™
  • ResQ bags for double the protection of your liquid gold


BFB1Eliminating the loss of liquid gold

Fact: there is no company with a 100% leak-proof storage bag. However, among even the top-rated companies, Honeysuckle® remains the leader in providing a storage bag that is the LEAST susceptible to leaks. We take this problem seriously, and provide you with a solution to avoid this problem. The Honeysuckle® Mommy Bundle provides constant protection from you losing your liquid gold.


1 review for Honeysuckle® Mommy Bundle

  1. 4 out of 5

    First of all, honeysuckle bags are the best out there. I’ve tried lasinoh and medela. Both are thin and leak with thawing. The only failure of a honeysuckle bag i have had is when I drop a bag freshly pumped milk. Naturally, the bag explodes like a water balloon. Lol. I have yet to experience a true leak with honeysuckle bags. As a result, I have no use for the Res-Q bags with thawing. I use the Res-Q bags for keeping pump parts and tubing and breast pads clean and organized in my pumping tote. I also use them as you would use a zip lock bag.
    The D’warmer–I resonant love the concept. I had when people waste running water thawing milk. Since I can nurse, i don’t have much of a use for the D’warmer. I’m trying to get my hisband and nanny to use it, but they can’t seem to break the habit of the running water. Overall, the D’warmer does what it is designed to do. The only issue I have seen is that it can be difficultfitting a full ffriends bag of milk into the inner chamber. A quick run under the faucet collapses the bag a little and then it fits fine.
    I am very pleased with this bundle a and would recommend it to anyone.

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