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Honeysuckle® d’Fense Bag™


Allow us to present Mom’s next best friend.

Honeysuckle-dFense-Bag-1One of  the special offshoots from the Honeysuckle® Breastmilk Storage Bag is our d’Fense Bag. It performs two important (and opposite) functions perfectly: 1. Keeps water out. 2. Holds water in.

All of  us at Honeysuckle®, along with some of  our customers, have fun coming up with uses for Breastmilk Storage Bags other than storing milk. This led us to develop a new product we call d’Fense Bags. They are smaller than our regular Storage Bags, but perfect for protecting, say, an iPhone®. They also hold nice quantities of  trail mix, leftovers, homemade baby food, a small camera or portable device, jewelry, coins, batteries, money, watches, game pieces you name it. In fact, you can use them for just about any small item you want to keep dry when you’re in or near water.

They’re wonderful for the opposite usage, too. Freeze your favorite drink, such as fruit juice, iced tea or even water. Then, pack the frozen bags in a lunch box or cooler for school lunches or picnics. Perhaps take them camping to keep food chilled or to enjoy a nice cool drink as it defrosts.

The d’Fense Bag™ is a clear, thick 4” by 6” oxo biodegradable bag with a bottom stand up gusset and double zipper and side seal. It is nearly 100% leak proof  and water tight, BPA and phthalate free and recyclable. Perfect for any recreational sport. And Mom’s next best friend.


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