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Greetings from the Honeysuckle staff

Greetings from the Honeysuckle staff

The story of the Honeysuckle® Products Company is the story of reclosable packaging itself. Since 1985, we have pioneered development and production in this industry.

In the mid 1990s, we received a call from a supplier of breastmilk storage bags who was eager to find a better design. At the time, they were providing small poly bags with twist-tie closures, instead of zippers. They weren’t leak resistant and didn’t function properly. Designing a better breastmilk storage bag would be a new venture for us, but we already held various patents on the development and manufacture of reclosable bags. Using our research and experience, we created the industry’s first reclosable milk storage bag for this customer and supplied them for years.

While some of our innovations come from customer requests, most are a result of studying young families and determining what new product would improve their lives.

The Inventor

Nossi Taheri, company founder

Nossi Taheri, company founder

Necessity isn’t the only mother of invention.
You also need a genuine desire to help.

For years, moms stored their breastmilk in simple plastic bags, which were prone to leak and spill. In the late 1990’s, inventor Nossi Taheri created a reclosable breastmilk bag for Lansinoh® that would be strong, yet affordable and easy to use.

Nossi was the obvious choice for the project. He had built an impressive reputation designing and patenting manufacturing processes for reclosable plastic bags able to protect material in environments as extreme as outer space.

The bag Nossi designed and patented proved beneficial to an entire generation of new mothers, and was hailed as the best milk storage bag in the industry. Best, that is, until recently.

After some in-depth research, Nossi realized that he could improve the bag.

Honeysuckle’s Innovation Timeline


Making life easier for moms,
one ground-breaking new product at a time.

Late 1990’s Inventor Nossi Taheri designs the first reclosable Breastmilk Storage Bag. This innovative product was the industry leader for nearly 10 years.

2011 Taheri improves his design, creating a better reclosable bag for safely holding and storing breastmilk. New, stronger design is tamper evident, oxo-biodegradable and recyclable.

2012 Honeysuckle® Products Company is launched by Taheri to market his improved storage bag, along with a full range of related products he is designing to make life easier for moms everywhere.

2012 The Honeysuckle® Breast Pump Bag is introduced, eliminating a cumbersome, potentially messy step in the process, so that moms can express milk directly into the same bag they store it in.

2013 Creation of the Breast Pump d’Adapter™ allows moms to use most brands of breast pumps with Honeysuckle’s Breast Pump Bag.