News on our Newest Item, HoneySuckle d’Warmer!

d'WarmerA letter from our CEO/Inventor, Nossi Taheri, to one of our loyal Milk Banks who inquired about our d’Warmer! We thought you could learn something about the process he uses to develop new items!

Thank you for your interest in our products. Just to let you know I developed the first patented double zipper milk storage bag for Lansinoh nearly 15 years ago. Prior to that they were using twist tie closers for their bags! Nearly 8 years ago, I sold the former company, but our new Honeysuckle Products are all about inventions made for moms for the ease of use, better quality, innovation and, in particular, with ecology in mind.

Popular Methods:

The bag warmer, “d’Warmer,” is a product for defrosting frozen milk bags.

For defrosting milk in bags, Moms had been told to do one of the following:

1. Use a bowl of warm water and lay the frozen milk bag in it. This is a very inefficient and hygienically not suitable as the contaminated water will enter into the open lips of the bag and the milk will be in contact with the lips when pouring into the feeding bottle.

2. Run the tap water for several minutes over the frozen bag while holding the bag. Firstly, this is an inconvenient method, and, secondly, the amount of hot water poured down the drain is inexcusable in a world where every drop is precious.

3. Use the electric bottle water by placing the bag inside. These electric devices get too hot and not safe for heating the plastic bags. That extreme heat kills valuable nutrients, and, again, there is the risk of contamination. In addition, moms have to have a convenient electrical outlet and these devises are not portable any-where-use products. Finally, the electric warmers must be descaled frequently, yet another job for busy moms to do.


Our Method:

Need IS indeed the mother of Invention.

The d’Warmer is a simple to use, effective way to accomplish the thawing of a frozen milk bag. The advantages are as follows:

A. The d’Warmer is a 3-Piece, high impact, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, easy to hand wash (or put in the dishwasher) product.

B. It requires less than a cup of heated/microwaved water to start.

C. The frozen bag is placed in an upright position inside the clean inner chamber. All the frost from the exterior of the bag drips down and collects at the bottom so the bag remains virtually dry.

D. The heat exchange from the outer chamber (which holds the hot water) heats the air inside the inner chamber. Therefore, no contamination exists here.

E. If mom is in more of a rush to thaw, she takes 1 cup of water to the third line showing on the outside of the d’Warmer and heats the d’Warmer in the microwave for three or four minutes (note, the milk bags has not yet been put into the inner chamber). Thereeafter mom completes the simple assembly, and letting the bagged milk sit till the frozen bag is thawed.

F. As an alternative use for the d’Warmer, if the mom decides to keep freshly expressed milk fresh, she can instead place ice inside the outer chamber, and then put the freshly pumped milk in the inner chamber. The bagged milk stays clean and cool. How cool is that?

G. Moms must remember, it takes 30 – 60 minutes to thaw a filled HoneySuckle Milk Storage Bag depending on the temperature of frozen bag. But, isn’t that worth all the benefits above? We think, it is.