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Here are some thoughtful homemade videos comparing HoneySuckle® BreastMilk Storage Bags to other bags available in the market place to give you a sense of what some moms have done.We are really looking for videos we can use in our advertising campaigns, and we hope your video will be the one chosen for that!

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These bags are my go-to breast milk bags. They have double seals and feel thicker than other (such as the Nuk). I have dropped a couple filled bags on the floor and they do (understandably) get leaks from that, but otherwise I have not had any problems with leaking or breaking. I took these on a three night business trip and brought back about 20 bags of milk via plane and they all made it without any leaks or breaks. And they are recyclable! By Micah Hart

I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous product. My milk days have recently left, but when I was a milk donor and returning to work, your bags were my favorites because I knew I never had to worry about leaks for all involved and because they are biodegradable. Thank you for giving me that piece of mind that my milk was safely stored AND I wasn’t littering the environment as much with bags that would be around forever Kendra Bentz Henry‎

Honeysuckle makes a great storage bag. I’ve never had an issue with leakage or the bag breaking. I cannot, however, attest to how well this particular bag is when pumping directly into it. My pump doesn’t have an ‘arm’ attachment. I imagine it would work pretty fabulously though. Jennifer Collins