Honeysuckle’s Innovation Timeline


Making life easier for moms,
one ground-breaking new product at a time.

Late 1990’s Inventor Nossi Taheri designs the first reclosable Breastmilk Storage Bag. This innovative product was the industry leader for nearly 10 years.

2011 Taheri improves his design, creating a better reclosable bag for safely holding and storing breastmilk. New, stronger design is tamper evident, oxo-biodegradable and recyclable.

2012 Honeysuckle® Products Company is launched by Taheri to market his improved storage bag, along with a full range of related products he is designing to make life easier for moms everywhere.

2012 The Honeysuckle® Breast Pump Bag is introduced, eliminating a cumbersome, potentially messy step in the process, so that moms can express milk directly into the same bag they store it in.

2013 Creation of the Breast Pump d’Adapter™ allows moms to use most brands of breast pumps with Honeysuckle’s Breast Pump Bag.

2013 Honeysuckle® Baby food bag is brought to market. Now, moms can continue to rely on Honeysuckle® quality after their kids graduate to solid foods. Also functions as a small Milk Storage and Breast Pump Bag.

2014 d’Fense™ leak-proof, protective bag introduced to provide mom with a worry-free container for her iPhone®, iPod® or other small items while relaxing outdoors or while bathing. Also, perfect for holding liquids in.

Coming soon d’Warmer™ joins the Honeysuckle® family of products (patent applied). Here’s an easy-to-use, eco-friendly way of warming bags and bottles of frozen milk with hot water (or chilling by substituting ice for hot water). Unique design ensures that the bag remains perfectly dry, so there are no worries about water contamination.

Coming soon d’3Pak™ and d’2Pak™ freezer containers developed for storing and carrying breastmilk bags (patent pending).

Coming soon d’Topper™ hypoallergenic table-top cover (coming soon), created to provide a sterile placemat for kids and peace of mind for parents when dining away from home (patent pending).

Coming soon B’Free™ Pumping Bandeau created to provide hands free pumping (patent applied)