Your breastfeeding
journey can be sweet.

Educate, Assist, Empower All Mamas!

After I had my first baby, I’d look at his sweet face, see those early hunger cues and I’d start to cry. I didn’t want to feed him. It was painful, uncomfortable and never got easier. “just give it a few months. breastfeeding hurts. its normal” is what i was repeatedly told when id share how I felt. I felt like the worst mother. How could i not want to hold and feed my baby? I didn’t know if I could “stick it out” another month. That’s when I decided to learn everything I could about breastfeeding support.

So many mothers struggle with pain, guilt confusion and anxiety when it comes to breastfeeding.

There is a huge lack of breastfeeding and post partum support provided to mothers, especially during the times we need it most.

That’s why, Honeysuckle is dedicated to providing mothers with quality breastfeeding care and education.

Our Services

Home Visit

One on one visit to help you with your specific needs


Prepare for your postpartum season and breastfeeding with an all inclusive workshop. Baby Care, Breastfeeding With Confidence, Healthy Mums

Staff Training

Ensure your staff is trained and up to date on the latest findings, methods and maternal care practices.

You can have a confident and beautiful start to motherhood!

What Other Mom's Say

I love the energy and approach Jess exudes and took so naturally. She creates such a calming and safe space that helped me at any and all points of my breastfeeding journey. She checked in and had follow ups; it made me feel like she was truly committed to my experience.
She was extremely patient and kind. It also helped that she is a mom that has been through the struggle as well, so she understands.
Jessica was calm and pleasant.. She clearly explained everything. She took her time and didn't make anything feel urgent or overwhelming. She seemed genuinely interested in helping us find a solution.

Breastfeeding and infant care can be fun.

Hey mama!

I get it. My introduction to motherhood was rough, lonely and confusing. I felt like I was drowning and I didn’t know who to go to for help. Google definitely didn’t help, so I decided that I would become the person I wish I could have gone to for support and education during that season of my life. I studied and learned and applied each gem I came across. I since have gone through this motherhood and postpartum journey another 2 times and each time it’s gotten even better. I am here for you.
We aren’t meant to do this alone and I am on a mission to make sure you have all the tools and information needed to make the best possible decision for your family.
You got this, mama!
Healthy families begin with healthy mummies.

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